The Revolutionary Drop

CHP Microdry Bottle Filling line

Conveyor Lubrication


MicroDry® Air

MicroDry® Air conveyor lubrication creates a smooth, stable and microscopic coating of DLT-333® conveyor lubricant on your PET air conveyor systems.

MicroDry® Slat

MicroDry® Slat conveyor lubrication diffuses a smooth, stable and microscopic film of DLT-333® conveyor lubricant that’s integrated at the return side of the conveyor belt.

MicroDry® All-In-One

MicroDry® All-In-One conveyor lubrication system provides both lubrication and internal & external cleaning for all areas of the mechanical conveyor system.

CHP’s revolutionary MicroDry® system

MicroDry® is a sustainable, advanced custom-fit dry conveyor  lubrication technology, developed & patented by CHP.

CHP is a leading engineering company designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing innovative state-of-the-art lubrication solutions, ranging from small-scaled installations up to large turnkey projects.

We are a Belgian company, successfully supplying to a wide range of international customers for the past 20 years.

The benefits of

MicroDry® conveyor lubrication and cleaning

Increased line efficiency icon

Higher line efficiency

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Minimal operating cost icon

Minimal operating cost


production lines in
720 factories in 78 countries
without jams, while saving
energy & lowering costs with the CHP MicroDry® conveyor lubrication system

How CHP can help you

CHP is the preferred provider for dry conveyor lubrication
solutions and systems
. We design, manufacture, install and service lubrication systems, ranging from small-scaled installations up to large turnkey projects.

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