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CHP consulting and support services


Innovation is part of CHP’s DNA. That’s why our highly-skilled CHP engineers keep designing, manufacturing and improving innovative custom-made lubrication solutions in response to your need of a superior, cost-effective and sustainable conveyor lubrication and cleaning system.

New designed parts, equipment and automated units are subject to a long-term test in the CHP test center prior to the market release.

CHP consulting and support services


We perform on-site installation on your conveyors. The installation, commissioning and start-up can be executed back-to-back or in separate interventions, depending on the global project schedule.

We provide a one-day in-house training to give production line workers a basic insight on working principles, monitoring and troubleshooting of our automated conveyor lubrication and/or cleaning system.

Engineers at heart

Our highly skilled CHP engineers are permanently challenged to design high performing, advanced and sustainable lubrication and cleaning equipment  for your conveyors with minimal operating costs in order to meet the lowest total cost of ownership.

Our constant innovations result in new solutions or improvements of available applications. We offer a wide range of pump- and control units that allow us to propose the best-adapted level of automation according to the particular line- or machine-configuration and customer’s requirements. 


“CHP partners with her customers”

Over two decades of experience in a high variety of industries makes CHP a favorite partner to assist her customers for potential upgrades or new equipment for conveyor lubrication and/or cleaning. 

A CHP audit team evaluates the current situation and formulates recommendations for possible improvements in terms of quality, operating efficiency and cost reductions.


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CHP Microdry AIR

MicroDry® AIR​

MicroDry® Air creates a smooth, stable and microscopic coating of DLT-333® on your PET air conveyors.

CHP Microdry SLAT

MicroDry® SLAT

MicroDry® Slat diffuses a smooth, stable and microscopic film of DLT-333® for your conveyor lubrication.

CHP Microdry All in One solution

MicroDry® All-in-One

MicroDry® All-in-One provides conveyor lubrication and internal & external cleaning.