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MicroDry® Slat, a tailored dry lubrication solution for conveyor belts

MicroDry® Slat is a patented dry lubrication system for mechanical conveyors used in the beverage, dairy and brewery industry. It is mainly applied on cardboard, bottling and canning lines, but also on jar- and crate conveyors.

A tailor-made top & bottom lubrication system, installed within a few days, is integrated at the return side of the conveyor belt. Suitable for all brands and types.

No brushes or spray nozzles. The unique top & bottom lubrication system diffuses a microscopic thin layer of DLT-333® lubricant to minimise friction and avoid stick-slip conveyor  issues. 

The fully automatic controller system optimises the lubrication on critical zones.


Benefits of MicroDry® Slat

Higher line efficiency

MicroDry® SLAT reduces  frictions, unforeseen line-stops and back-line pressure on mechanical conveyors, considerably improving the global line efficiency. 

Low consumption cost

MicroDry® SLAT applies only 25 liter/year of DLT-333® lubrication for a common carton packaging line with 8 single track conveyors, accumulator and packer.

No maintenance

The fully automatic controller system does not require any maintenance on brushes or spraying nozzles.

Safer workplace

Say bye to wet & slippery floors, as no water, coating or product is spilled.

With respect for nature

The lubricant is biodegradable and 100% water- & silicone-free.

Also, MicroDry reduces energy, water and detergent consumption, which results in a lower ecological footprint.

Better hygiëne

MicroDry® is FDA approved and does not support bacterial or fungal growth.

MicroDry® is available with an optional fully automatic integrated cleaning system for your conveyor belt, MicroDry® ALL-IN-ONE.

Simplified logistics

The very limited consumption and a shelf life time exceeding 18 months simplifies your logistics.

Energy savings

Save up 10% to 15% on your energy costs as the dry lubricant is precise and evenly distributed.

Many more advantages

The lifespan of the conveyor belts & wear strips is extended up to 3 times thanks to the coated mechanical conveyors.


Our unique lubricant is biodegradable, 100% water- & silicone-free, and FDA approved. 

This high effective and stable microscopic film-layer assures no drip-off when used with MicroDry® AIR.  

CHP’s revolutionary MicroDry® system

Learn more about MicroDry®, a sustainable advanced custom-fit technology with minimal operating cost, developed & patented by CHP. 

CHP is a leading engineering company designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing innovative state-of-the-art lubrication solutions, ranging from small-scaled installations up to large turnkey projects. We are a Belgian company, successfully supplying to a wide range of international customers for the past 20 years.


CHP way of working


We design and manufacture an innovative tailor-made lubrication solution in response to your need of a superior, cost-effective and sustainable dry lubrication system.


We perform on-site installation. The installation, commissioning and start-up can be executed back-to-back or in separate interventions, depending on the global project schedule.


Our engineering department provides a one-day in-house training to give the participants a basic insight on working principles, monitoring and troubleshooting.


Our servicing team is always ready to assist for corrective maintenance and execute minor plant changes.

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