MicroDry® Consumables

High performing with minimum consumption

DLT-333®, conveyor lubricant

DLT-333® is a patented Dry lubricant for PET air and mechanical conveyors used in the beverage, dairy and brewery industry. It is mainly applied on cardboard, bottling and canning lines, but also on jar- and crate conveyors.

Kind for human & nature

Our unique lubricant is biodegradable, 100% water- & silicone-free, and FDA approved (NSF-H1). It’s compatible with almost all types of plastic bottles and approved by all major OEM and key accounts.

Stable film-layer

Used with MicroDry®, this high effective and stable microscopic film-layer assures no drip-off. So no more wet and slippery floors. 

Low consumption

The specific method of application through MicroDry® assures an extremely low consumption.

DLT-333® is commonly supplied in 5 liter drums and has a shelf life time exceeding 18 months.

CLA-252®, a high performing cleaning agent

CLA-252® is a high performing degreasing & disinfecting foaming agent for conveyor cleaning to remove spillages of food & beverages and oily substances.

It has been specially designed as a higher effective foaming agent to remove DLT-333® and belt pollution.

With respect for nature

The cleaning agent is biodegradable and compatible with commonly used materials used in the F&B industry.

Safe to use & transport

CLA-252 is registered for Europe & USA. As it’s not classified as dangerous for transport, it can be shipped by road, sea or air without any special precautions.

Low consumption

The MicroDry® All-In-One cleaning system assures a minimal consumption of CLA-252.

Available in 22 kg cannisters.

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MicroDry® AIR​

MicroDry® AIR creates a smooth, stable and microscopic coating of DLT-333® on your PET air conveyors.

MicroDry® SLAT

MicroDry® SLAT diffuses a smooth, stable and microscopic film of DLT-333® on your conveyor belts.

MicroDry® All-in-One

MicroDry® All-in-One provides lubrication and internal & external cleaning for lubricated mechanical conveyors.

CHP’s revolutionary MicroDry® system

Learn more about MicroDry®, a sustainable advanced custom-fit technology with minimal operating cost, developed & patented by CHP. 

CHP is a leading engineering company designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing innovative state-of-the-art lubrication solutions, ranging from small-scaled installations up to large turnkey projects. We are a Belgian company, successfully supplying to a wide range of international customers for the past 20 years.